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3c is focused on providing the information and tools that enable our clients to be more efficient. One of the fundamental differences between top performing companies and average companies is process efficiency. Top performing companies understand that maximizing efficiency results in an increase in incremental revenue hitting the bottom line as profit. Top performers believe that as revenue increases, General and Administrative costs should decrease as a percentage of revenue. 3c helps to:

Improve Cash Flow

  • Identify specific opportunities to optimize vendor cash flow (DPO)
  • Identify specific opportunities to optimize customer cash flow (DSO)

Reduce Business Process Costs

  • Identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Pinpoint key cost drivers
  • Right-size the cost structure based on revenue

Decrease Business Process Cycle Times

  • Shorten the month end close
  • Shorten transaction lifecycles

3c provides a robust set of over 300 metrics focused on measuring and identifying efficiency opportunities. These metrics can also easily be augmented with client defined metrics. Metrics can be accumulated at a business unit level and a geographic level to allow decentralized management to focus on data that is relevant to them. Corporate management can see across the enterprise in a consolidated fashion as well as being able to compare units of a company against each other.

3c Insight Logo