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Subscription Services

3c offers an annual subscription to KPI Manager with the customer option to renew at the end of each year. Because KPI Manager is a "software as a service" product, there is no initial software license fee or annual maintenance fee. Customers pay an annual subscription fee just like you would for salesforce.com. Our subscription pricing is unique in the sense that we do not price by the user; each subscription allows for unlimited users.


The subscription service includes the Oracle and SAP connectors, if applicable, and the functionality to create user defined metrics, organization structures, processes, sub-processes, performance categories, business objectives and users. Our experienced advisors guide each client through the design and setup steps to ensure best practices are followed and lessons learned from other clients are incorporated.

The ERP connectors are installed, configured and tested along with establishing a secure FTP connection. The extract process is then scheduled to run automatically on a monthly basis as soon as the books are closed. This structure allows the metrics to be extracted on a monthly basis without any IT or business analyst time and effort...a fully automated solution.


  1. KPI Manager client specific environment established
  2. User defined setups completed
  3. ERP connector installed
  4. Secure FTP connection established
  5. Users provided access and training

Implementation Effort

Implementation is accomplished in two weeks.

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