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SAP Connector for KPI Manager

The SAP Connector for KPI Manager measures, analyzes and pinpoints sustainable improvement opportunities in your finance business processes. We developed a unique and automated way to extract and calculate process KPI's from your SAP ERP system. The automated calculation engine functions as easy as running a report. The SAP Connector has prebuilt integration to SAP Financial modules including Purchasing, Payables, Receivables, Fixed Assets and General Ledger. It integrates with current versions of SAP and previous releases going back to 4.6c.

The extracted measures flow into our core KPI Manager product, which is a secure, hosted database and provides customers with a simple, web-accessible user interface. The user interface was painstakingly designed to be learned quickly and require minimal mouse-clicks to access all data using a variety of viewing parameters. Customers control access via role-based security allowing users from the CFO down to the business unit sub-process manager to use relevant data.

3c extracts key performance metrics from your ERP system across the following process areas:

  • Purchase to Pay
  • Customer to Cash
  • General Accounting (Fixed Assets and General Ledger)

All metrics are designed to make improvements to the 3c's and fall into one of the following Performance Categories:

  • Cost
  • Cash Flow
  • Cycle Time
  • Productivity
  • Control
  • Staffing
  • Automation

The SAP Connector provides over 125 pre-built metrics for use in 3c InSight's core KPI Manager product offering. Over 75 of those metrics contain action lists providing additional actionable detail for the metrics.

What makes the SAP Connector valuable?

Fact Based & Comparative

Have the facts and real time benchmarking data to set targets, make enlightened decisions and determine performance of the ERP engine.

Effortless & Automated

Measure and benchmark with automated data collection - free up resources to focus on value added tasks.


Monthly refreshes of data enable continuous improvement.


"Action Lists" provide the metric 'drill-down' to determine the root cause of poor performance.

Cost Effective

Minimal time or money investment. 3c InSight provides an ABAP program to your IT staff and works with them to install the product.

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