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KPI Manager

3c InSight's SaaS based KPI Manager application provides a flexible and extendable performance management solution that enables companies to define and measure their key performance indicators (KPIs). Users from CFOs, Shared-Service Center Leads, Business Process Improvement Experts, down to business unit sub-process leads access the KPIs through a simple web-accessible user interface. The user interface can be learned quickly and requires minimal mouse-clicks to access all the data using a variety of viewing parameters. Two mouse clicks allow executives to look at current performance, trend performance and top improvement opportunities. KPI Manager makes it possible for customers to effortlessly manage and measure department performance and drive continuous improvement.

KPI Manager allows companies to compare their actual monthly, quarterly and annual results to a variety of comparison groups. Comparison groups include targets, budgets, service level agreements, comparison groups based on the company's structure, and externally defined comparison groups. Customers can evaluate how two business units within their own organization perform on specific KPIs, creating an environment for fact-based sharing of best practices within their own organization.

KPI Manager provides a variety of reporting mechanisms, including several predefined reports and data views. Customers can also create business objectives that tie several KPI values together for quick viewing. Using trend charts, customers are able to track changes in a KPI's value over time showing objectively the affects of performance improvement initiatives as well as giving insight into the impacts of seasonal activities (e.g. quarter close requires more manual journals than monthly closes, orders from retailers peak in June in preparation for the Christmas holiday season).

Users can enter online comments, explanations and attach supporting documents to any metric for any time period. This allows users to view supporting information that might further explain metric performance. Notes and attachments are constrained by user security profiles.

Working with 3c InSight, companies define their business processes (e.g. customer-to-cash, procurement) and their performance categories (e.g. volume, revenue) along with individual key performance indicator metrics. The individual KPIs can either be captured directly in the application or calculated from other KPIs already in the application. For those KPIs entered into the application, 3c InSight creates the appropriate input templates. We work with customers to ensure that KPIs are captured at the correct organizational unit, and are then rolled-up into overall summaries. Access to organizations and processes are constrained by the user security profiles.

What makes the KPI Manager valuable?

Fact Based & Comparative

Easy access to the facts and real time benchmarking data facilitates objective target setting, enlightened decision-making and increases the positive performance of the organization.


Monthly refreshes of data enable continuous improvement.


Trend analysis and multiple comparison criteria enables identification of specific measures requiring improvements. Tying specific measurements to real actionable information allows companies to determine the root cause of issues and rectify them quickly.

Cost Effective

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based solution, KPI Manager requires no customer investment in hardware or software. IT investment costs can be limited to an optional investment in building interfaces between customer's systems and 3c InSight's KPI Manager product. KPI Manager resides on secure, hosted database in a SAS-70 certified data center.

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