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Diagnostic Services

We offer a "no commitment, no fee" diagnostic. We are confident that the value you receive from the diagnostic will make a difference in the way you manage and measure your finance and shared services operations. The diagnostic also allows companies to make an informed decision before subscribing to our KPI Manager product.


We extract over 100 key performance indicators from your ERP system. Metrics will be extracted from six monthly periods to facilitate trend analysis for each measure. Business processes in scope are as follows:

  • Purchase to Pay
  • Customer to Cash
  • Account to Report

Metrics are focused on providing detailed information regarding the 3c's.


  1. A scorecard for each business process area
  2. A list of high impact improvements
  3. Access to your information in KPI Manager for 30 days

Included in the deliverables will be a six month trend analysis for each metric, a comparison of performance between business units and a comparison to median and top performing companies in our database.


The diagnostic requires approximately 4 hours of an IT resource to extract the metrics and 1 hour of business management time to review the results and deliverables. The total elapsed time is typically 1 week.

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