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Consulting Services

In addition to helping our clients successfully use our flagship product, KPI Manager, 3c provides a variety of other consulting services. All of these service offerings are focused on assisting companies leverage their technology investments, measure performance and recognize greater efficiencies Almost every company is an average performer in at least one area. Our research shows that top performers are three times more efficient than average performers which translates into significant cost savings. These cost savings typically mean that average performers spend 2 - 3 times more on administrative business process costs.

3c can help with the following initiatives:

  • Designing an effective process measurement program that links to business objectives
  • Developing business cases to support technology and process improvement projects
  • Executing improvement initiatives that reduce cost, shorten cycle times and increase cash flow
  • Designing internal controls that leverage automation
  • Defining a path to attaining Top Performer status
  • Program management

Our consultants have a minimum of 15 years of experience and each have a blend of measurement, business process, technology and industry experience. They are sensitive to the notion of providing practical solutions that are attainable in manageable timeframes. They understand that a client's culture, level of organization decentralization, decision making processes and industry are key factors that must be considered in order to achieve success. Our project teams are small, disciplined and efficient. They like to spend their time solving problems, debating alternatives and analyzing data as opposed to creating large powerpoint presentations that collect dust.

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